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SEED OF TRUTH 5/12 years

SEED OF TRUTH 5/12 years

SKU: 9782955333426

Are children's pranks and fabrications serious? Pierre, a little shepherd, is known for his pranks. One day, back home, he tells his parents about his strange encounter with the wind. He made great confidences in him. These are the secrets that will undermine an entire village.... Several levels of reading.

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    :Album + File

    READERSHIP - teachers to use, “turnkey” - 1st degree trainers, to be distributed to teachers during initial training and continuing training. Recommended in the educational kits of TRs (replacements) - parents, For the simple pleasure of reading with children or to go further in mastering thinking and in the study of the functioning of language. - all audiences, to from 5 years old; pleasure of reading and admiring beautiful illustrations.

    Educational file available in the magazine LA CLASSE n° 280 distributed by MARTIN MEDIA.

    Album from 5 years old

    Format: 20x20

    40 pages

    Glossy laminated hardcover

    Glossy paper

    Contribution to shipping costs: €3.

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