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HUGO, KERSTIN & OTHER confirmed readers

HUGO, KERSTIN & OTHER confirmed readers

SKU: 978-2-9566300-5-0

Realistic adventure adolescent novel 10/14 years old.

Romain and Hugo, young college students from Saint-Quay-Portrieux, in Brittany, have a wonderful encounter during their language trip to Sweden. This will be the start of adventures to come, sometimes gripping and moving. From then on, the two adolescents know neither how nor why, they find themselves in often dangerous conditions. They need courage and imagination to get out of trouble, with all due respect. Which is not always easy. And if the danger is extreme, will they manage to save the situation?
But actually, who are these Swedish twins, Kerstin and Peter? And the unknown woman on the cliff?

- Author: Catherine Kembellec
- Cover: Vanessa Hérin
In this trilogy, the font is traditional because the work is aimed, here, at experienced readers.

In each volume, the heroes face delicate situations that can be encountered at school and introduce bibliophages to a region of Europe or France.

Author : Catherine Kembellec

Publisher: A Mots Contés (July 2020)

Collection: Youth

French language

ISBN- 978-2-9566300-5-0

Glued square spine: 154 pages

Size: 21 cm x 14.5 cm

Price : € 15.00

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