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KAMISHIBAI Seed of truth

KAMISHIBAI Seed of truth

SKU: 978-2-9553334-8-8

Kamishibai (Japanese word literally meaning “play on paper”). The storyteller scrolls through the A3 boards placed in a butai. The text is written on the back of the plates ordered in a certain way. The young spectator is delighted to hear his story told by an older person. A real spectacle to offer to young and old. During a children's snack, you will delight your little world with this original activity.
Are children's pranks and fabrications serious?
Pierre, a little shepherd, is known for his pranks. One day, back home, he tells his parents about his strange encounter with the wind. He made great confidences in him.
These are the secrets that will undermine an entire village....
Material needed for an animation: A kamishibai, that is to say a set of illustrated boards telling a story. A wooden butai handcrafted at home or purchased in a specialized store is recommended. See a butai model proposed in the photos above. There are many handcrafted models that can be true works of art. If you do not have a butai, you can use the kamishibai as a large book. You will gather your young audience around you and present the great illustrations to the little darlings. This A3 format is very useful in nursery classes where the whole class can clearly see the illustrations in the album. Of course, nothing prevents you from also having the album in class so that students can handle the book and come back to the story individually.

Author : Catherine Kembellec

Illustrator : Annie Kergoat

Publisher: A Mots Contés (November 2018)

Collection: Youth

French language

ISBN- 978-2-9553334-8-8

Plates: 15 double-sided plus cover

300g satin paper

Format: A3

Weight: 600g

Price : € 49.50

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