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SKU: 978-2-9566300-4-3

rO "The Abandoned Refuge" is an adventure novel for pre-teens and teens. It is Volume 3 of the “Hugo, Kerstin and the others” series. Volume 1 being "Le cristal de Stockholm" published by Editions de la Plume de l'Argilète. Volume 2 “Meeting on the cliff” published by A Mots Contés, in this catalog. Long live the holidays! Romain and Hugo join Petter and Kerstin, their Swedish friends, at Karolina's in Bavaria. A fantastic week of skiing in perspective. The five friends are always so happy to see each other again. A dream landscape, a cozy chalet and a sincere and unwavering friendship. Everything is there for a perfect stay. But police inspector Hauptman is on a tricky path. How will the group find themselves mixed up in this drug affair, despite themselves?

- Author: Catherine Kembellec
- Illustrator: Vanessa Hérin
- Model designer: Vanessa Hérin

The font as well as the layout of the book make reading easier for young people with vision problems or reading difficulties (dyslexia.... for example.) The author, a former teacher, foresees - just like for "The Crystal of Stockholm" - activities to download freely and to use, as desired, in class or at home with the children.

Young readers will therefore find in “The Abandoned Refuge” the 4 heroes of “Stockholm Crystal” plus the new German friend from “Meeting on the Cliff”.

In each volume, the heroes face delicate situations and introduce readers to a region of Europe or France.

SBN: 978-2-9566300-4-3
179 pages
Size: 14.5cm x 21cm
80g puffy interior paper
Glossy laminated soft cover
Audience: 9/13 years old
Price: €11
Legal deposit on September 10, 2020
Available to the public on September 15, 2020

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