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ALICE'S SECRET - 7/9 years old

ALICE'S SECRET - 7/9 years old

SKU: 978-2-9553334-7-1

Collection: TO SAY
(school and educational work on child abuse within the family #maltraitanceEnfants)
This work is above all a tool for teachers and education professionals faced with mistreatment of their students or children for whom they are responsible.
How to talk about this situation with students in class?
Alice's Secret is a fast and strong text.
Quick: the reader does not have time to dwell on the drama that Alice is experiencing. This is not a text to pity the reader.
Strong: It surprises the adult and makes them aware of what the child is feeling.
This album read in class by the adult to the little ones or by the children themselves allows them to open up confidence or debate.

- Author: Catherine Kembellec
- Illustrator: Kristel Radoara
- Model maker: Annie Kergoat

The objective of this publication is to show that families in difficulty and children suffering from these situations can be helped to return to more balance . It shows how a child and her family were really helped.

The narrator is a friend of Alice's. This allows him to say what he sees without interpreting or judging anything.


ISBN: 978-2-9553334-7-1
20 pages
Size: 10.5cm x 14.5cm
80g coated interior paper
Semi-rigid glossy laminated cover
Audience: 7/9 years old
Price: €5
Legal deposit on April 18, 2018
Available to the public on April 20, 2018

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