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LE SPLEEN DE SOURICETTE - 5 years ... for all audiences

LE SPLEEN DE SOURICETTE - 5 years ... for all audiences

SKU: 978-2-9553334-9-5

This work is part of our Pour Dire collection:
Is it enough to have big ears to know how to listen to others, especially friends? Otherwise, what more is needed? To find out, discover the adventures of Souricette and her friendship with Eléphas.
Getting our young children used to listening to others, to showing a little empathy, is the wish of the author of this little fable.
Annie Kergoat, the illustrator with traditional drawing and watercolor techniques, was able to make the spleen of our little mouse very sad at not being able to share her sorrows.
But as the reader will understand, Souricette overcame her sadness, made a wise decision and taught Eléphas a good lesson.

- Author: Catherine Kembellec
- Illustrator: Annie Kergoat
- Model maker: Annie Kergoat
At the end of the story, the reader is invited to reflect on what Souricette whispered to her friend Eléphas. The narrator's questioning about this situation will lead the child to formulate the egocentric behavior of the baby elephant. He will also be able to speak about similar cases he has encountered.

MOUSE'S SPLEEN will certainly be very useful in EMC for kindergarten and elementary school teachers.

ISBN: 978-2-9553334-9-5
44 pages
Square format: 21 cm x 21 cm
Strong glossy interior paper 170 g
Hard glossy laminated cardboard cover
All Public from 5/6 years old
Price: €13
Legal deposit on November 15, 2018
Available to the public on November 20, 2018

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