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SKU: 9782956630012

Like all children in the world, Ciqala wants to build her own little refuge. In his country, we live in teepees. So he dreams of a little teepee all to himself. He refuses the help of his friend Aquéna because he believes he is big enough to succeed in his business alone. But Ciqala will have to learn to develop patience and perseverance as well as humility in accepting the help offered.

Author: Catherine Kembellec

Illustrator: AnnicK Lehingue

Album to talk about habitats on the planet.

Familiarize the child with patience, perseverance, acceptance of help .

Comment received:

Our illustrator Annick LEHINGUE from TIPI DE CIQALA received this message from a grandmother who bought 3 copies of the book. We share his enthusiasm here and it will perhaps give you ideas for activities with your little ones. “Hello Annick,

C**** and C**** discovered little Indians with your book and we spent a morning setting up their teepee, making buffalo meatballs out of modeling clay and around a night light that became a fire camp, singing an Indian song before sleeping in the teepee...


ef the imagination was very much stimulated with the story of Ciqala as a starting point!

Well done

Good evening."

Album for 3/6 year olds

ISBN: 9782956630012

Size: 18x18 cm

26 pages

Glossy laminated hardcover

Glossy interior paper 170g

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