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MY CUP OF TEA and other little rests (adults)

MY CUP OF TEA and other little rests (adults)

SKU: 978-2-9553334-0-2

MY CUP OF TEA and other little rests
Collection of news and stories from here, elsewhere, yesterday and today to relax and travel in serenity.

It's raining. Whether under my parasol or under my umbrella, every day, I return to the cottage at the same time. As I pass through the gate that separates the garden from the path, I shake the sun's rays on the flowers of the grass that play at my feet or I let the rain drip, like today, along the silk of my umbrella. . These moments of walking in the English countryside guarantee me the friendship of nature and the return home always remains precious and magical... The water is heating in the kettle on the plate of the old stove. All you have to do is set the table for tea by the window. The water must be very hot. The warmer it is, the more wonderful the moment will be...

BABELIO Critical Mass /



My cup of tea p. 9

The view of others p. 13

Endless happiness p. 23

The island at rest p. 29


Autumn visiting. p. 35

Winter p. 37


Émilie's Vigil p. 41

A rose for Emma p. 47

The mysterious smile of old Marie p. 51


Old School p. 59

The Storybook Tree p. 73

The baobab p. 81


My Love from Lourmarin p. 87

The Bridge of Lost Loves p. 91

Brief summary of the Conjugation of Life p. 95

Ile sometimes wing p. 99


Goldsmith's words p. 103


  • Information

    Author : Catherine Kembellec

    Publisher: A Mots Contés (August 12, 2016)

    Collection: Adult

    French language

    ISBN- 978-2-9553334-0-2

    Glued square spine: 108 pages

    Size: 21 cm x 14.5 cm

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